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Thailand :: Chiangmai :: Namrae Maewang Pairin Resort
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Namrae Maewang Pairin Resort

525 Moo 6 Ban Huay Nium, T.Donpao,
A. Maewang , San Pa Tong, Chiang Mai 50360

Location:Mae Wang
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Namrae Maewang Phairin Resort is embrace in the midst of mountain between Doisuthep-Doi Inthanon National Park it has absorbed mineral water flowing down from the highest level of the mountain across the Huai Niem River. Namrae Maewang Phairin Resort is a tourist attraction and a new resting place for those who care about health issues, love peace and love nature. Feel the pure air, stop and avoid toxins around us to inhale pure natural ozone, feel the warm air of our soil home building while relaxing among the trees and surrounded by crystal clear flowing icy stream including many species of wild orchid which holds a bouquet of flowers in full bloom for our beautiful viewing sending good fragrant around inviting us to be in a dreamy state. This is the paradise for wild life lovers.

The Building were architecturally built in home soil of the local resident antiquity combine with the traditional Lanna interior decoration, shoved hidden along forest harmoniously that gives mild natural icy guarding morning air vision among cormorants coming out and calling each other loudly with colorful night light shines with good view of dense bush pattern in a systematical order that make us see the colorful atmosphere in an alternate beautiful way. Like in the morning that has a cold icy voice air of Corves species living and eating together Commingled, with the leaves gently flicking in percussion that sounds like a big band that play for us to listen all day all night. This is Namerae Maewang Phairin Resort.
Superior Double Room (2 rooms) / Superior Twin Room (2 rooms)
Superior room was decorated to resemble nature. The interior design is beautifully modern in combination with Lanna style. Equipped with modern facilities such as LCD plasma TV. Air conditioning. Hot water and private bathrooms. Outside atmosphere with shady mango trees and ancient courtyard garden ideal for personal or group stay.

Classic Room (3 units)
Mhong tribal style houses
Hmong tribal houses was designed with the concept of living in harmony with nature. The house design is similar to the houses of the Hmong tribal house. A single storey house. Interior and exterior use bamboo as the main material for construction. Equipped with amenities such as a fully on screen plasma TV. Air conditioning Living within and outside the room. Water heater And private bathrooms. Outside, shaded by mango trees in old age. And activities within the park grounds.

Deluxe Double Room (4 rooms)
Tamarind room (2 rooms)
This room is on the second floor of a water front villa. The views from the rooms are so beautifully combined with the lush green of the trees. The rooms are built with the concept of natural tamarind tree tops and leaves the room. Which you see in the image. Tamarind tree is the real thing. Most mild smell of tamarind infused soft. Within the area. In room amenities include plasma-screen TV. Air conditioning Hot water view balcony room with two spacious outside living.

The river front room (1 room)
Stream front house was decorated in Lanna architecture. Combined with the greenery of the trees around the rooms equipped with amenities such as air - condition plasma TV screen. Water heater Private bathroom. The spacious balcony. A bar for entertaining for a group that can accommodate two people.

Cave house room (1 room)
This cave house decorated in harmony with the concept of co-existence with nature. The virtual cave with stalactites. The rooms have full facilities including air - condition TV on the plasma screen. Private bathroom. Water heater Beside the balcony can accommodate 2 persons.

Cottage (2 units)
The wooden house (1 unit)
This wooden houses decorated in harmony with the concept of co-existence with nature. Lanna style. Combined with the Thai style. The rooms have full facilities including air - condition TV on the plasma screen. Private bathroom. Water heater The front living room are living under trees near the house can accommodate two persons.

Baan Karawek (1 unit)
Baan Karawek this privacy designed home soil is surrounded by the beauty of garden, trees and natural. Suitable for a single person or two to relax with amenities that include a plasma screen TV, air conditioning and private bathroom. Water heater Decorated with beautiful Lanna style buildings blend seamlessly to create a home ground.

Family Room (1 unit)
Baan Tarn Tawan
Ruan Tarntawan this home soil was naturally very much like to be a connecting room with two bedrooms suitable for a family or a close relative has a living room outside. Facilities in the room such as air - condition plasma screen TV. Hot water + etc.

Grand Deluxe (2 units)
Baan Kradang nga (1 unit)
Baan Kradang nga this house is created by the architecture of ancient houses. Decorated with the elegant style of Lanna Thailand mixer fitted with modern facilities such as air - condition flat screen plasma. Water heater Jacuzzi tub. There are indoor and outdoor living in a beautiful atmosphere.

Baan Bhudachart (1 unit)
This spacious home soil is beautifully decorated with a mix of Lanna and Thai style. Living room is both inside and outside the building, full facilities such as a Jacuzzi tub. Plasma screen TV. Air conditioning Water heater Villas suitable for two persons.

Deluxe with Spa Bath (1 unit)
Baan Bussaba
This guest room is architecture of ancient Earth. Combining with Thai and the Lanna style. Two separate double rooms and There is another small room is available for those wishing to relax with a massage . Each room is equipped with many amenities such as air conditioning. Jacuzzi tub. Plasma screen TV. Hot water and a living room outside. With flowers and shady trees.

Surrounded by many tourist attractions Mountains, Trekking, Mountain biking, Bamboo and white water rafting, elephant riding, waterfalls.

Healthy cooking course, Thai Massage course and learn how to make a healthy drinks with the local of plants products. Learn how to make the Lanna style of handicrafts and pottery with local artists which is the science and art of imagination.

It also has the largest Buddhist temple nearby which is a branch of omniscience and practice of the clergy in all regions (Doi Suthep Temple Branch). And here is the source to supplement " Spirulina " which is a single cell plants that quality is suitable for the human body as well.

Restaurant Restaurant


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