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Thailand :: Kanchanaburi
PictureHotel NameAreaBreakfastPromotionStarting From
Noblenight GuesthouseNoblenight GuesthouseCity, Kwai YaiIncluded THB 637
Riverpool ResortRiverpool ResortCity, Kwai YaiIncluded THB 1,223
Princess River Kwai HotelPrincess River Kwai HotelCity, Kwai YaiIncludedPromotionTHB 1,266
Royal Riverkwai Resort & SpaRoyal Riverkwai Resort & SpaCity, Kwai YaiIncludedPromotionTHB 1,338
Pung-Waan Resort & Spa (Kwai Yai)Pung-Waan Resort & Spa (Kwai Yai)City, Kwai YaiIncluded THB 1,495
The Zeit River KwaiThe Zeit River KwaiCity, Kwai YaiIncluded THB 1,529
U Inchantree KanchanaburiU Inchantree KanchanaburiCity, Kwai YaiIncluded THB 1,953
Felix River Kwai ResortFelix River Kwai ResortCity, Kwai YaiIncludedPromotionTHB 4,200
P&P PlaceP&P PlaceCity, Maenamkwai RoadIncluded THB 748
Kanchanaburi City HotelKanchanaburi City HotelCity, Maenamkwai RoadIncluded THB 1,274
The Bridge Residence HotelThe Bridge Residence HotelCity, Maenamkwai RoadIncluded THB 1,419
Jim GuesthouseJim GuesthouseCity, Mahadthai RoadIncluded THB 2,124
Phurang Hill ResortPhurang Hill ResortCity, Pak-ParckIncluded THB 552
Sri Siam ResortSri Siam ResortCity, Pak-ParckIncluded THB 595
Prelude HotelPrelude HotelCity, Pak-ParckIncludedPromotionTHB 1,257
River Kwai HotelRiver Kwai HotelCity, Saengchuto RoadIncluded THB 807
R.S. HotelR.S. HotelCity, Saengchuto RoadIncluded THB 901
Raya Place KanchanaburiRaya Place KanchanaburiCity, Satanee Rodfai RoadIncluded THB 0
Pong Phen GuesthousePong Phen GuesthouseCity, Soi BanladeshIncluded THB 0
Warm Well HostelWarm Well HostelCity, Soi MalaysiaIncluded THB 756
Golden Lake View Boutique ResortGolden Lake View Boutique ResortDan Makham TiaIncluded THB 1,274
The Legacy River Kwai ResortThe Legacy River Kwai ResortKwai NoiIncluded THB 1,198
X2 River KwaiX2 River KwaiKwai NoiIncluded THB 11,045
River Kwai Botanic DelightRiver Kwai Botanic DelightKwai Noi / Ban KaoIncluded THB 1,368
Pae Najan Home ResortPae Najan Home ResortKwai Noi / SaiyokeIncluded THB 0
Saiyok River HouseSaiyok River HouseKwai Noi / SaiyokeIncluded THB 1,020
Pung-Waan Resort (Kwai Noi)Pung-Waan Resort (Kwai Noi)Kwai Noi / SaiyokeIncluded THB 1,334
Momchailai Forest RetreatMomchailai Forest RetreatKwai Noi / SaiyokeIncluded THB 1,359
Boutique Raft ResortBoutique Raft ResortKwai Noi / SaiyokeIncludedPromotionTHB 1,827
River Kwai ResotelRiver Kwai ResotelKwai Noi / SaiyokeIncluded THB 3,229
River Kwai Village HotelRiver Kwai Village HotelKwai Noi / SaiyokeIncludedPromotionTHB 3,229
Home Phutoey River Kwai ResortHome Phutoey River Kwai ResortKwai Noi / SaiyokeIncludedPromotionTHB 3,314
The Float House River KwaiThe Float House River KwaiKwai Noi / SaiyokeIncluded THB 7,392
Pavilion Rim Kwai ResortPavilion Rim Kwai ResortKwai Yai / Lat YaIncluded THB 1,198
Aekpailin River Kwai ResortAekpailin River Kwai ResortKwai Yai / Lat YaIncluded THB 1,334
Mida Resort KanchanaburiMida Resort KanchanaburiKwai Yai / Lat YaIncluded THB 1,444
Aurora Resort KanchanaburiAurora Resort KanchanaburiKwai Yai / Lat YaIncluded THB 2,549
Comsaed River Kwai ResortComsaed River Kwai ResortKwai Yai / Lat YaIncluded THB 3,059
Raya Buri ResortRaya Buri ResortSi Sawat, Srinakarin DamIncluded THB 1,563
Mooninn PlaceMooninn PlaceTha MuangIncluded THB 0
The Vista Pool VillaThe Vista Pool VillaTha MuangIncluded THB 0
Monsane River Kwai ResortMonsane River Kwai ResortTha Muang, RiversideIncludedPromotionTHB 1,062
Phatad Valley HotelPhatad Valley HotelThongpaphumIncluded THB 1,274
Nakakiri Resort & SpaNakakiri Resort & SpaThongpaphum, RiversideIncludedPromotionTHB 1,009
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