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Thailand :: Chiangrai
PictureHotel NameAreaStarting From
Chiang Khong Teak Garden HotelChiang Khong Teak Garden HotelChiang KhongTHB 1,232
Namkhong Boutique ResortNamkhong Boutique ResortChiang KhongTHB 578
Namkhong Riverside HotelNamkhong Riverside HotelChiang KhongTHB 749
Wang Thong Hotel MaesaiWang Thong Hotel MaesaiChiang RaiTHB 552
Luck Swan Resort & SpaLuck Swan Resort & SpaChiang Rai-RimkokTHB 1,699
The River House Resort & SpaThe River House Resort & SpaChiang Rai-RimkokTHB 5,777
Anantara Golden TriangleAnantara Golden TriangleChiang SaenTHB 36,270
De River Boutique ResortDe River Boutique ResortChiang saenTHB 1,096
Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden TriangleFour Seasons Tented Camp Golden TriangleFour Seasons Tented Camp Golden TriangleChiang saenTHB 0
Serene At Chiang Rai HotelSerene At Chiang Rai HotelSerene At Chiang Rai HotelChiang saenTHB 1,530
Siam Triangle HotelSiam Triangle HotelChiang SaenTHB 1,317
Rimkok Resort HotelRimkok Resort HotelChiangrai-Thatorn RoadTHB 1,699
M Residence & HotelM Residence & HotelCity Center, Ratbumroong Rd.THB 671
Diamond Park Inn Chiang RaiDiamond Park Inn Chiang RaiCity Center, Sankhokchang Rd.THB 1,003
Amarin Resort Amarin Resort Amarin Resort DowntownTHB 0
Ban Khun Yom HotelBan Khun Yom HotelBan Khun Yom HotelDowntownTHB 0
La Vie En Rose Hotel La Vie En Rose Hotel La Vie En Rose Hotel DowntownTHB 0
Golden Triangle Paradise ResortGolden Triangle Paradise ResortGolden TriangleTHB 1,699
Imperial Golden Triangle ResortImperial Golden Triangle ResortGolden TriangleTHB 1,954
Teak Garden Spa ResortTeak Garden Spa ResortInternational Airport RoadTHB 1,147
Dusit Island ResortDusit Island ResortDusit Island ResortKraisorasit RoadTHB 3,400
Katiliya Mountain Resort & SpaKatiliya Mountain Resort & SpaMae ChanTHB 2,734
NANGFA mini HotelNANGFA mini HotelMae ChanTHB 552
Pangsarapee Green ResortPangsarapee Green ResortMae ChanTHB 1,198
Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort & SpaPhu Chaisai Mountain Resort & SpaMae ChanTHB 2,080
The Imperial River House ResortThe Imperial River House ResortMae kok riverTHB 5,777
Kong Kam HouseKong Kam HouseMae SaiTHB 850
Balcony Hill ResortBalcony Hill ResortMae SuayTHB 1,338
Mohn Mye Horm ResortMohn Mye Horm ResortMohn Mye Horm ResortMae SuayTHB 1,351
Du Doi Suay ResortDu Doi Suay ResortMeasaiTHB 1,300
At Chiang Rai ResortAt Chiang Rai ResortMuangTHB 680
Inn Come HotelInn Come HotelMuangTHB 799
S.B. HotelS.B. HotelMuangTHB 799
The Legend Boutique Resort & SpaThe Legend Boutique Resort & SpaMuangTHB 2,209
The Mantrini City Hotel & Art GalleryThe Mantrini City Hotel & Art GalleryMuangTHB 1,415
A-Star Phulare ValleyA-Star Phulare ValleyNearby AirportTHB 4,333
Phufa Waree Chiangrai ResidencePhufa Waree Chiangrai ResidenceNearby AirportTHB 901
Wiang Inn HotelWiang Inn HotelPaholyothin RoadTHB 1,308
Wangcome HotelWangcome HotelPemawibhata RoadTHB 1,699
Phowadol Resort & Spa, ChiangraiPhowadol Resort & Spa, ChiangraiRim Kok Sub districtTHB 1,699
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