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Thailand :: Kohphangan
PictureHotel NameAreaStarting From
First VillaFirst VillaAo Ban TaiTHB 671
Haad Son ResortHaad Son ResortAo Haad SonTHB 765
Beck's ResortBeck's ResortAo Nai WokTHB 520
Panviman Resort Koh PhanganPanviman Resort Koh PhanganAo Thong Nai Pan NoiTHB 4,076
Phuwadee Resort & SpaPhuwadee Resort & SpaAo Thong Nai Pan NoiTHB 535
Santhiya Resort and SpaSanthiya Resort and SpaAo Thong Nai Pan NoiTHB 3,946
Hinkong ResortHinkong ResortAow Hin KongTHB 726
Holiday Beach ResortHoliday Beach ResortBaan Tai BeachTHB 680
Baan Suan TongmaBaan Suan TongmaBan TaiTHB 1,529
My PalaceMy PalaceBan TaiTHB 297
Palida Garden ResortPalida Garden ResortBan TaiTHB 340
Relax Corner HostelRelax Corner HostelBan TaiTHB 212
B52 Beach ResortB52 Beach ResortBan Tai BeachTHB 726
Beer Bungalow Koh PhanganBeer Bungalow Koh PhanganBan Tai BeachTHB 510
Hacienda BackpackersHacienda BackpackersBan Tai BeachTHB 212
Jungle Bar & BungalowJungle Bar & BungalowBan Tai BeachTHB 510
Lime n Soda Beachfront ResortLime n Soda Beachfront ResortBan Tai BeachTHB 764
Milky Bay ResortMilky Bay ResortBan Tai BeachTHB 1,003
Morning Star ResortMorning Star ResortBan Tai BeachTHB 1,376
Oceanus ResortOceanus ResortBan Tai BeachTHB 824
Phangan Island View HotelPhangan Island View HotelBan Tai BeachTHB 807
Phangan Riversand Baan TaiPhangan Riversand Baan TaiBan Tai BeachTHB 425
Phatcharee ResortPhatcharee ResortBan Tai BeachTHB 1,274
Phrueksa Beach ResortPhrueksa Beach ResortBan Tai BeachTHB 764
Power Beach ResortPower Beach ResortBan Tai BeachTHB 637
Rungarun ResortRungarun ResortBan Tai BeachTHB 680
Sabaii Bay ResortSabaii Bay ResortBan Tai BeachTHB 1,621
The Blue Parrot Beach ResortThe Blue Parrot Beach ResortBan Tai BeachTHB 467
The Garden LodgeThe Garden LodgeBan Tai BeachTHB 340
Bay Lounge & ResortBay Lounge & ResortBankai BeachTHB 2,795
Chantaramas Resort and SpaChantaramas Resort and SpaBankai BeachTHB 2,540
Jamaica InnJamaica InnBankai BeachTHB 212
Phangan Orchid ResortPhangan Orchid ResortBankai BeachTHB 833
Hansa ResortHansa ResortHansa ResortBantai Beach THB 0
Buri Tara Resort & Spa Koh PhanganBuri Tara Resort & Spa Koh PhanganChaloklumTHB 1,189
Mandalai HotelMandalai HotelChaloklum BayTHB 1,699
Chaloklum Bay ResortChaloklum Bay ResortChaloklum BayTHB 1,529
Fantasea ResortFantasea ResortChaloklum BayTHB 2,208
Malibu Beach BungalowsMalibu Beach BungalowsChaloklum BayTHB 850
Viva On The Beach HotelViva On The Beach HotelChaloklum BayTHB 510
Wattana ResortWattana ResortChaloklum BayTHB 739
Ocean View Beach ResortOcean View Beach ResortHaad KhomTHB 1,020
Benjamin's HutBenjamin's HutHaad Chao PhaoTHB 722
Hut Sun BungalowsHut Sun BungalowsHaad Chao PhaoTHB 510
Niramon SunviewNiramon SunviewNiramon SunviewHaad Chao PhaoTHB 340
Sea Garden Haad Chao PhaoSea Garden Haad Chao PhaoHaad Chao PhaoTHB 918
Seetanu BungalowsSeetanu BungalowsHaad Chao PhaoTHB 428
Blue Ocean Garden Hideaway Spa & Beach ResortBlue Ocean Garden Hideaway Spa & Beach ResortHaad Chao Phao BeachTHB 3,274
Dragon Hut ResortDragon Hut ResortHaad GruadTHB 501
Haad Gruad Beach Resort & SpaHaad Gruad Beach Resort & SpaHaad GruadTHB 573
Coconut Beach BungalowsCoconut Beach BungalowsHaad Khom BeachTHB 850
Bottle Beach 1 ResortBottle Beach 1 ResortHaad KhuadTHB 382
Haad Khuad ResortHaad Khuad ResortHaad KhuadTHB 425
Al Colosseo PalaceAl Colosseo PalaceHaad RinTHB 382
Amaresa Resort & Sky BarAmaresa Resort & Sky BarHaad RinTHB 425
Baan Talay Guest HouseBaan Talay Guest HouseHaad RinTHB 340
Drop In Club Sunset Villas Drop In Club Sunset Villas Haad RinTHB 1,699
Paradise BungalowsParadise BungalowsHaad RinTHB 510
Sea Garden Resort & Spa Haad RinSea Garden Resort & Spa Haad RinHaad RinTHB 510
Bird BungalowBird BungalowHaad Rin BeachTHB 2,184
Black & White BungalowBlack & White BungalowHaad Rin BeachTHB 425
Black & White Guesthouse & MinimartBlack & White Guesthouse & MinimartHaad Rin BeachTHB 680
Blue Marine Resort, Koh PhanganBlue Marine Resort, Koh PhanganHaad Rin BeachTHB 1,104
Delight ResortDelight ResortHaad Rin BeachTHB 841
Palita LodgePalita LodgeHaad Rin BeachTHB 1,529
Phangan Bayshore ResortPhangan Bayshore ResortHaad Rin BeachTHB 1,946
Phangan Sunrise ResortPhangan Sunrise ResortPhangan Sunrise ResortHaad Rin BeachTHB 0
Rinbay View ResortRinbay View ResortHaad Rin BeachTHB 850
Seventeen HostelSeventeen HostelHaad Rin BeachTHB 1,146
The Ship HostelThe Ship HostelHaad Rin BeachTHB 340
Tommy ResortTommy ResortHaad Rin BeachTHB 1,615
Blue Hill ResortBlue Hill ResortHaad Rin NaiTHB 2,039
Cocohut Village Beach Resort & SpaCocohut Village Beach Resort & SpaHaad Rin NaiTHB 1,189
Jenny HostelJenny HostelHaad Rin NaiTHB 425
Mickey HostelMickey HostelHaad Rin NaiTHB 425
Starlight Haadrin ResortStarlight Haadrin ResortHaad Rin NaiTHB 680
Vimarn Samut ResortVimarn Samut ResortHaad Rin NaiTHB 510
Phanganburi Resort & SpaPhanganburi Resort & SpaHaad Rin Nai BeachTHB 764
The Coast ResortThe Coast ResortHaad Rin Nai BeachTHB 2,080
Drop In Club Resort & SpaDrop In Club Resort & SpaHaad Rin NokTHB 1,147
Sunrise Hotel Koh PhanganSunrise Hotel Koh PhanganHaad Rin Nok HillTHB 1,572
Sunset VillasSunset VillasHaad Rin Nok HillTHB 1,699
Phangan Utopia ResortPhangan Utopia ResortHaad Thong LangTHB 680
Haad Tian Beach ResortHaad Tian Beach ResortHaad TianTHB 671
Baan Haad Yao Villas & Guest HouseBaan Haad Yao Villas & Guest HouseHaad Yao BeachTHB 726
Easy Life BungalowEasy Life BungalowHaad Yao BeachTHB 425
Euphoria BungalowEuphoria BungalowHaad Yao BeachTHB 680
Haad Yao BungalowsHaad Yao BungalowsHaad Yao BeachTHB 680
Haad Yao Over Bay ResortHaad Yao Over Bay ResortHaad Yao BeachTHB 569
Haad Yao ResortHaad Yao ResortHaad Yao BeachTHB 595
Haad Yao Sunset BungalowHaad Yao Sunset BungalowHaad Yao BeachTHB 1,020
Haad Yao VillaHaad Yao VillaHaad Yao BeachTHB 822
Haadyao Bayview Resort & SpaHaadyao Bayview Resort & SpaHaad Yao BeachTHB 726
Long Bay ResortLong Bay ResortHaad Yao BeachTHB 1,147
See Through Boutique ResortSee Through Boutique ResortHaad Yao BeachTHB 765
Sun Moon Star Resort Koh PhanganSun Moon Star Resort Koh PhanganHaad Yao BeachTHB 1,172
Centara Pariya Haad YuanCentara Pariya Haad YuanHaad Yuan BeachTHB 3,965
Seaboard BungalowsSeaboard BungalowsHadd Yao BeachTHB 1,274
Tharathip ResortTharathip ResortKoh PhanganTHB 573
Lucky ResortLucky ResortLaem Tathong - InTHB 425
Maehaad Bay ResortMaehaad Bay ResortMaehaad BeachTHB 2,396
Maehaad Garden InnMaehaad Garden InnMaehaad BeachTHB 510
Maehaad GuesthouseMaehaad GuesthouseMaehaad BeachTHB 595
The Villa Koh PhanganThe Villa Koh PhanganNai Wok BayTHB 8,496
Kupu Kupu Beach Villas & Spa - Koh PhanganKupu Kupu Beach Villas & Spa - Koh PhanganPlai Laem BeachTHB 3,274
Sea Scene ResortSea Scene ResortPlai Laem BeachTHB 1,020
Best Western Phanganburi Resort Best Western Phanganburi Resort Rin naiTHB 764
Venus ResortVenus ResortRin nokTHB 425
Asia BungalowsAsia BungalowsSalad BeachTHB 1,699
Cookies Salad ResortCookies Salad ResortSalad BeachTHB 757
Double Duke BungalowDouble Duke BungalowSalad BeachTHB 340
Green Papaya ResortGreen Papaya ResortSalad BeachTHB 2,379
Haadlad Prestige Resort & SpaHaadlad Prestige Resort & SpaSalad BeachTHB 1,071
Salad Beach ResortSalad Beach ResortSalad BeachTHB 861
Salad Buri Resort & SpaSalad Buri Resort & SpaSalad BeachTHB 1,436
Sea Salad ResortSea Salad ResortSalad BeachTHB 340
Sarikantang Resort and SpaSarikantang Resort and SpaSarikantang BeachTHB 1,147
Loyfa Natural ResortLoyfa Natural ResortSrithanu BeachTHB 3,483
Moonbeach ResortMoonbeach ResortSrithanu BeachTHB 680
Nice Sea ResortNice Sea ResortSrithanu BeachTHB 164
J.S. Hut ResortJ.S. Hut ResortThan Sadet BeachTHB 229
Mai Pen Rai BungalowsMai Pen Rai BungalowsThan Sadet BeachTHB 362
Buri Rasa Koh PhanganBuri Rasa Koh PhanganThong Nai Pan NoiTHB 3,342
Candle Hut ResortCandle Hut ResortThong Nai Pan YaiTHB 2,082
Dreamland ResortDreamland ResortThong Nai Pan YaiTHB 510
Havana Beach ResortHavana Beach ResortThong Nai Pan YaiTHB 2,549
Nice Beach ResortNice Beach ResortThong Nai Pan YaiTHB 510
Starlight ResortStarlight ResortThong Nai Pan YaiTHB 595
A's Beach PlaceA's Beach PlaceThong SalaTHB 2,506
Baan Busaba HotelBaan Busaba HotelThong SalaTHB 807
Baan Manali ResortBaan Manali ResortBaan Manali ResortThong SalaTHB 650
Buakao InnBuakao InnThong SalaTHB 595
Golden Hill ResortGolden Hill ResortThong SalaTHB 680
Grand Sea ResortGrand Sea ResortThong SalaTHB 1,529
Phatchara Boutique HotelPhatchara Boutique HotelThong SalaTHB 1,266
Sucasa DormSucasa DormThong SalaTHB 170
The 1 Boutique HotelThe 1 Boutique HotelThong SalaTHB 650
Da Kanda Villa Beach ResortDa Kanda Villa Beach ResortThong Sala BeachTHB 765
Cyana Beach ResortCyana Beach ResortWok Tum BayTHB 772
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